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Board Game Nights Achievements

Žan Anderle – February 6, 2022

Scroll down, if you just want to download the sheet.

I played Scythe for the first time last month, and I was really surprised by the simple, but effective idea of having an achievements sheet. It’s such a great idea!1 It’s playful and it gives you a structured way of recording some of those special wins. It also gives a light sense of accomplishment when you can write down your name and it’s almost like a small “reward” for your win. I thought all that for a single sheet of paper was quite an… khm… achievement.

Which made me think; why don’t we have something like that, but for our board game nights?

So I sat down, and came up with a list of achievements that work not just for a specific board game, but for your game nights in general. It’s a combination of competitive and friendly achievements.

The sheet is divided into two parts. On page 1 you can write down your name when you fulfil a particular achievement. And page 2 tracks nominations for (made-up) awards called Tabletopies, which are awarded when you finish the sheet. The general rules on how to use the sheet are:

  • After each gaming session, every participating player can add their name to the sheet in two places2 if they’ve successfully fulfilled the requirements of that category, as long as the blanks are still available.
  • Each player can also make 1 nomination for Tabletopies or support a nomination another player has made.

Apart from that it’s up to you how strict or easy-going you want to be with it. If you were really into it, you could even provide a prize once the sheet is completed – a brand new board game.😎 But even just bragging rights can be pretty sweet.😜

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Here’s the list. Hope you have fun with it!

Feel free to share it with others.

1 I know Scythe is not the first nor the only game to do this, but it was the first for me.

2 The rule for being able to write down your name in only 2 places per session, was inspired by Scythe. I think it's a nice way to make the win a bit more special (makes you think how you're going to use those 2 options), and once most blanks are filled up it can also turn the sheet into sort of a meta game.